Doug Giles

The community where I live is upgrading our Comcast cable services—which means that I won’t have Fox News on the third floor of my hacienda until they get out to my place and give me whatever fancy box I need.

I had no idea how addicted I had become to Fox. I now know what Charlie Sheen must feel like when he’s out of smokes and hookers. It’s rough. Being the pit bull that I am, I’ve been trying to plow on ‘til Comcast comes out by watching MSNBC and the local Miami news. 

What I’ve found interesting during this forced Fox hiatus is that none of the stations at the particular times I’ve been watching are saying squat about the breaking $535 million Solyndra scandal which shamefully and directly points to Obama and Biden. Silencio conspicuoso, you know what I mean-o?

What you will hear these twits yodel about are the evil machinations of Rupert Murdoch (who allegedly had poor Sienna Miller’s smutty emails hacked), the dangerous arsenic levels in apple juice, or the possible cronyism behind Rick Perry’s HPV vaccine initiative. As they blather about Rick’s supposed dirty deed, I’m thinkin’, “Cronyism? You want to talk cronyism? Okay, let’s talk Solyndra.”

Doug Giles

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