Doug Giles

Since ACORN’s crass corruption came into sharp focus a few weeks ago, Andrew Breitbart has not only been part and parcel of cracking ACORN’s nuts, but he has also been pointing out the ludicrous lack of reporting on ACORN’s asininities by what used to be the mainstream media.

Breitbart, via the ACORN controversy, has shown the “mainstream” to be everything but conventional and more akin to an irrelevant, unwatched drip of ideological flotsam that’s entirely in the septic tank for the lunatic left.

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The Daily Show’s John Stewart—hardly a right-winger—also pointed out this willful ACORN media blindness this past month, as only Stewart can. Yep, it appears the motto of the generic broadcasting boys who’re bent to the left has become: “We distort. We decide.”

Most folks who have a lick of sense have long understood that the media has been mollycoddling the Left and their lovers for quite some time, but this ACORN controversy pummeled us over the flippin’ head with this hypocritical fact.

Now . . . I get that the former MSM is the mouthpiece for the Amerika that embraces Eurosocialism and all its weirdness, but the question I have, as a goofy sinner who’s part of Christ’s church, is this: Who the heck is the Christian media in the tank for? Their reportage on this ACORN slop has been conspicuously inconspicuous.

Why the silence of the lambs, Jesus people? I would have thought you guys would be all over this stuff like stink on a monkey. But alas, the holy ones are wholly silent. Well … almost.

So, why should there be interest and serious reporting of this mega-tale by the broadcast brethren? Well, I’m glad you boys finally asked, seeing that we’re now about six weeks out.

Here’s a reason why: Two Christian kids, instead of sitting on their butts in church singing Kum Ba Yah and pulling lint out of their navels in some vapid youth group, saw a multi-million dollar Goliath of crime and corruption fueled by our tax dollars and rose to the occasion, creatively infiltrating an insidious environment and bringing a despicable organization to its knees. That’s why. Giles and O’Keefe went biblical. Note that.

Hey, Icthus crowd . . . is that not good enough for you to broadcast? It happened yesterday and was—and still is—huge. I would think you would jump on it because I’ve watched your Christian shows, listened to your radio programs and surfed some of your hallelujah websites, and they could use a Red Bull because they’re bo-ring. Geez people, South Park is even on this!

Doug Giles

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