Donald Lambro

Posted July 18, 2014

I recently met a man in his mid-fifties who told me he came to America as a very young person with less than $25 in his pocket and made a pretty good life for himself here.

Posted July 16, 2014

If anyone needs further evidence the White House is out of touch with reality, it came in an official statement this week that President Obama has made the world a more tranquil place.

Posted July 11, 2014

If you watched MSNBC"s "The Daily Rundown" Monday, you might have been shocked to hear a panel of liberal journalists say some uncomplimentary things about Barack Obama's presidency. With his job approval polls falling, the economy in first gear, incomes in decline, inflation on the rise, good jobs in short supply, and a thicket of administration scandals, the news media has begun to turn against Obama.

Posted July 09, 2014

Barack Obama was named the worst president since World War II, according to a survey of the American people who were asked to rate the nation's chief executives over the past 69 years. Obama's unpopularity will come as no surprise to those who've been closely following his big spending presidency. But the really big news was the man who topped the best presidency list: Ronald Reagan.

Posted July 04, 2014

Republicans have a wealth of political issues that will dominate the 2014 midterm election races and determine their outcome. The national news media has done its best to try to bury these issues, play them down or sugar coat them, but the American people know better.

Posted July 03, 2014

Republicans have a wealth of political issues that will dominate the 2014 midterm election races and determine their outcome.

Posted July 02, 2014

Barack Obama's unpopular presidency has become irrelevant, incapable of strengthening a weak economy, ignored by Congress, pushed around by Russia, and in retreat in the face of a mounting terrorist threats to U.S. security.

Posted June 20, 2014

Consumer prices jumped sharply last month, rising more than previously forecast for just about everything we buy, from a gallon of gas to the food we eat.

Posted June 18, 2014

While al-Qaeda renegade armies were seizing Iraqi territory over the weekend and closing in on Baghdad, President Obama was jetting into Palm Springs, Calif. for 18 holes of golf.

Posted June 13, 2014

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's stunning defeat at the hands of a little-known, free market, economics professor is a hopeful reminder that sometimes the little guy can still beat City Hall.

Posted June 11, 2014

The government reported last week that the economy created only 217,000 jobs in May, with hardly a peep of serious complaint from the White House or Democrats in Congress. The news media's economic reporters, who are usually given to whitewashing these dreadful jobs figures, said it was a sign the Obama economy is on the comeback trail.

Posted June 06, 2014

WASHINGTON - You would think the Democrats were riding high in the political polls, with all of the worshipful media attention being given to Hillary Clinton lately.

Posted June 04, 2014

Just when our economy is shrinking, President Obama wants to impose harsh environmental rules that will kill jobs, raise energy costs and impose new burdens on business. One week after the government said the U.S. economy contracted in the first quarter, for the first time since 2011, Obama is calling for severe new coal emissions rules that many Democrats in Congress say will hurt their states and its economies.

Posted May 30, 2014

President Obama announced another foreign policy plan this week, telling our adversaries when and under what circumstances the U.S. will use its forces abroad. That was the message he sent to the world at West Point Wednesday, laying out a far more narrowly-defined, post-9/11 foreign policy, as the U.S. withdraws from the war in Afghanistan.

Posted May 28, 2014

Federal spending is exploding under Barack Obama, shattering every record for budget deficits, public debt and annual expenditures.

Posted May 23, 2014

President Obama reluctantly went to the White House press room Wednesday to deal with yet another scandal that has hit his dysfunctional presidency.

Posted May 21, 2014

The scandal that has exploded in the government's veterans hospitals runs a lot deeper than the issue of long waits for those seeking medical care.

Posted May 16, 2014

It is a sign of Barack Obama's receding presidency that Hillary Clinton is drawing more attention from the national news media and political power brokers.

Posted May 14, 2014

President Obama, who's notorious for playing fast and loose with the truth, told another whopper last week about the Republicans in Congress.

Posted May 09, 2014

America remains adrift under Barack Obama's presidency, without any sustained or effective focus on the sea of troubles that afflict our nation.