Derek Hunter

When you bait a hook, you hope to catch a fish. Thursday I baited a hook, and I caught a lot of fish.

I had intended to write today’s column with the title “The Problem With Conservatives,” because there are some too. But I enjoyed the feedback I got from poking the bear so much I thought I’d grab another stick.

By daring to criticize “Libertarians” (yeah, I’m capitalizing it since it bothers certain people so much) for their ineffectiveness, laziness and general apathy while what they claim to so prize is slipping away, the flying monkey brigade of indifference was unleashed. Good.

The majority of tweets, emails and feedback I received were positive, and some were just this side of hyperventilating. But few of them were on point. They were mostly flipping the bird as they turned the corner while taking their ball and going home.

In other words, they illustrated my point while “destroying” it.

An overwhelming amount of hyperbolic, self-congratulatory back-patting tweets came from people, a large percentage of whom work/write/edit for Reason magazine (or at least claim to in their Twitter bios), which is odd but also oddly illustrative of my point. I said nice things about Reason in my original piece. Not only nice things, but it was majority nice. The rest was constructive criticism.

They do great work at Reason. They cover important stories the majority of the media ignores, and they throw fun parties (met my fiancé at one). But apparently they take breaks from that great work to spend a lot of time attacking and arguing about what some “irrelevant” person wrote that was just “stupid.”

What none of them, those at Reason and elsewhere, did was refute what I wrote. They simply became it.

Andrew Kirell, who is an editor at the site Mediaite, wrote the most tweeted “takedown” of me, but it was also one of the weakest. He seemed to take my piece personally in spite of the fact that I’d never heard of him until someone tweeted his article to me. That’s fine. It’s sad, but it’s his life.

His points, as they were, consist of truly childish pettiness.

First, my capitalization of “Libertarian” rather than using a lower-case “L.” Two answers to that: 1) take it up with an editor, and 2) get a hobby.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.