Derek Hunter

Elizabeth Taylor reportedly said, “You find out who your real friends are when you're involved in a scandal.” Of course, she was in Hollywood, perhaps the only place where loyalty means less than it does in Washington, D.C.

But some people in the Obama administration are about to find out what she meant.

The Congressional hearing this week on the Benghazi cover-up was important not only for the information we heard from the witnesses, but also because, for the first time, it piqued the interest of the mainstream media. Perhaps it’s genuine concern over having been lied to, or maybe the MSM has realized its credibility is on the line. Whatever the reason, the testimony of whistleblower Gregory Hicks has progressive defenders of the president nervous.

So worried were these Progressive Swiss Guards that the activist charity The Center for American Progress took to its “Think Progress” blog to denounce him through an “anonymous source” who claims to have been in Benghazi with him. Miraculously, a “Think Progress” blogger was able to find someone who not only worked with Hicks in Libya, but also didn’t like his work. Not bad for a D.C.-based blog considering this appeared just two days after Hicks testified and major news outlets haven’t been able to find a detractor in the eight months since the attack. The miracle of Soros money, I guess.

I’d never say the “Think Progress” blog post is bogus. I’m sure every blog could just happen upon some random Libyan embassy worker who thinks a man who just convincingly accused the White House of fecklessness and lying through measured, fact-based testimony is incompetent. Nor would I ever say whether this person is real, “Think Progress” probably was handed a phone number by someone in the White House. And I never would suggest this “anonymous source” seems to have been coached in this story by someone looking to protect the president. What I would say is that to believe in this story is to believe in a level of coincidence not seen outside of a bad sitcom.

Activist charities the IRS is strangely disinterested in investigating aside, a few things about the Benghazi terrorist attack still remain curiously uninvestigated.

Derek Hunter

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