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Yesterday was the Ames Straw Poll, the winner of which was not determined by the time this was submitted, but that doesn’t matter since I’ve already written about how I think it’s a waste of time. But what wasn’t a waste of time are long as they aren’t hosted by CNN...and we had one on Thursday. I’ve avoided commenting on the Republican candidates to this point, mostly because I suspect a lot people are like me and haven’t found their choice yet, but now that we’ve had a good discussion amongst the candidates...

Can’t We All Just Not Get Along?

I bet John King at CNN is a really nice guy, but he’s a horrible debate moderator. Aside from the stupidity of his “getting to know you” questions, his “serious” questions were unbelievably worthless.

The CNN debate in June was dumbed down even further by the questions from the audience. I don’t know why anyone thinks “random” people (we know they’re really screened by the same leftists who write the dumb anchor questions) asking candidates their canned “what are you going to do for me?” questions makes for a good debate, but that’s what a biased media gets you. Our Founding Fathers would punch every person who asks one of those questions, which is probably why we get so many of them from the media.

Thankfully we had none of that in the Fox News/DC Examiner debate. The questions, while lacking in addressing entitlements, were substantive, sparks and spit flew and the candidates were allowed to engage with one another.

There were winners and losers, which were which? (In order)


Mitt Romney - Some jabs were thrown at him, most missed but some did land. They were mainly body blows, none to the gut. Romney is good in debates, the guy knows his stuff. He might be stiff on the campaign trail, but he did do a great job with the leftists hactivist who tried to throw him off his game.

Derek Hunter

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