Dennis Prager
Let's drop the names "Hamas" and "Israel" and make a list of the characteristics of two imaginary warring entities. We'll call them Entity A and Entity B.

Entity A:

--Declares that its raison d'etre is to annihilate Entity B.

--Sends missiles to explode in the most populated parts of Entity B in order to kill as many civilians as possible.

--Uses families and individual civilians as human shields to protect its own leaders from attack.

--Tortures and kills domestic political opponents.

--Has no political or religious freedom and has no freedom of speech, press, or assembly, and no independent judiciary.

--Is a theocracy.

--Violently oppresses gays.

--Saturates its education and airwaves with a demonic hatred of Entity B.

--Rated a "6" by Freedom House in its 2013 report on freedom in the world. Seven is the worst possible rating. Entity A ranks 6 in freedom, 6 in civil liberties and 6 political rights.

Entity B:

--Recognizes the right of Entity A to an independent existence.

--Has never begun a war with Entity A.

--Has never targeted civilians in Entity A. In fact, it has sacrificed soldiers in order to avoid killing Entity A civilians.

--Domestic political opponents -- including even supporters of Entity A -- not only have freedom of assembly, press and expression; they have political parties with representatives in Entity B's parliament.

--Has freedom of the press, assembly, religion, and a completely independent judiciary.

--Allows gays full civil rights.

--Has innumerable human rights groups dedicated to the welfare of people belonging to Entity A.

--Has no education or broadcasts comparable to the daily hate in Entity A.

--Freedom House rating for 2014 is 1.5 in freedom ("1" is best possible); 2 in civil liberties; 1 in political liberties.

So, then, with which entity does nearly every government in the world side? Entity A.

And what is the primary concern of the United Nations, nearly all the world's media, and nearly all the world's intellectuals? That Entity B, while hundreds of missiles are launched at its most populated cities, not kill any of the civilians among whom Entity A's leaders hide.

The moral gulf between Israel, our Entity B, and Hamas, our Entity A, is as clear and as great as the one that existed between the Allies and Nazi Germany. It is one of the few instances in today's world when the Nazi analogy is accurate.

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager is a SRN radio show host, contributing columnist for and author of his newest book, “The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code.”

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