David Keene

Posted November 29, 2006

An old Democratic friend of mine stopped by the Monocle last week and while there ran into a Democratic senator of long acquaintance. The Senator was, of course, quite pleased with the outcome of the election and is looking forward to the perks and responsibilities that go with being in the majority.

Posted November 07, 2006

Winners and losers alike tend almost without fail to misread the reasons voters vote for or against them.

Posted September 26, 2006

To maintain control of Congress this fall, Republicans will have to overcome the drag of history, an unpopular war, a president whose poll numbers have been in the tank most of the year and the smell of corruption emanating from a few bad apples in the GOP barrel.

Posted September 22, 2006

I know there are moderate Muslims out there, but I must say that they are difficult to find when Muslim extremists take to the airwaves or streets.