Chuck Norris
This week, the picture is finally complete. First, the Obama White House decided to leap headfirst into the gun control debate. Then came the response from Congress, which is far more interested in investigating the "Fast and Furious" scandal, in which federal agents allowed thousands of guns to be "walked" into Mexico and furnished to drug cartels. And now the final piece: President Barack Obama has filed his papers to run for re-election.

That in a nutshell is all gun owners need to know about the 2012 presidential election. After two years of avoiding the gun control debate (and violating his own campaign promises to push for additional restrictions), Obama finally is showing his true colors on this important issue. Let's not forget that this is the same candidate who once espoused a total ban on handguns and more recently supported a nationwide ban on right-to-carry laws. And if he couldn't get that done, he said he would support increasing the taxes on guns and ammunition by 500 percent. Now he is trying to be measured about his gun control objectives, using vague and gauzy rhetoric that his handlers hope will be difficult to hang around his neck.

But can there be any doubt that during a second term, Obama would unleash the full power of the presidency toward destroying our Second Amendment rights? He already has appointed two Supreme Court justices who are now on record opposing the opinions that confirm that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms. And those opinions both came down on the thinnest possible margin, 5-4. If even one justice retires or otherwise departs from the court, Obama will have a clear path to install another opponent of our freedoms and tip the balance against us.

Meanwhile, unbelievably, even while the White House pursues new restrictions on our rights, the bureaucratic apparatus of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been allowing known smugglers to arm drug cartels in Mexico. By encouraging honest gun dealers to consummate the sales of thousands of guns to shady characters and then allowing the smugglers to move the guns into Mexico unimpeded, one of our own federal law enforcement agencies has been fueling cartel violence in Mexico. These shocking revelations have been brought forward by courageous whistle-blowers in ATF field offices, and the official reaction has been to divert attention and stonewall all inquiries. But the diversion tactics haven't worked; even mainstream media outlets are catching on to this appalling scandal.

Chuck Norris

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