Charlotte Hays

While admittedly not as buff as the gregarious Gitmo Five seen in footage of their arrival in Qatar, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl looked pretty damned good, if a bit misty-eyed, possibly from sensitivity to the light, when he was handed over to U.S. Special Forces. A body language expert (yes, there are such people) interviewed by Lloyd Grove suggests, however, that Bergdahl is sad to leave.

Special Transparency Award: to the Taliban masterminds for releasing the very in-ter-rest-ting video purportedly of the handover of Sgt. Bergdahl, who has since been hidden from prying eyes by the Obama administration. Also hidden from public view--but for different reasons--is Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a decorated Marine, who is languishing in a prison in Mexico, where he reportedly has been mistreated.

We may learn new facts about Bergdahl in the coming days. But right now it is looking bad for the president, who celebrated his release in a Rose Garden photo op with the Bergdahl parents. It looks like Sergeant Tahmooressi was the more deserving sergeant if the administration was going to work overtime on a rescue.

This other sergeant, who honorably completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan, says he accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in Tijuana. Sergeant Tahmooressi's mother says he is sometimes disoriented because of a severe concussion he suffered when his vehicle in which he was riding was blown up in Afghanistan.

Mexican authorities took Tahmooressi into custody. In addition to the wrong turn, he had guns in his car. His guns are are legally registered in the U.S., but as you might expect in a notoriously law-abiding nation such as Mexico, gun laws are strict.

Under questioning, the State Department has said that Secretary of State John Kerry “raised the issue” of Sgt. Tahmooressi in routine diplomatic meetings on other matters with Mexican officials in Mexico City. No heavy lifting to obtain freedom for the honorably discharged sergeant.

Although Sgt. Bergdahl’s separation from active military duty appears, unless the story takes another unexpected turn, to be less honorable than the ignored sergeant’s, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, darling of the Sunday talk shows, took to the airwaves to explain that Bergdahl had served the United States with “honor and distinction.” That’s certainly a post-modern way to describe walking off from one's base and duties, leaving anti-American emails behind.

Charlotte Hays

Director of Cultural Programs at the Independent Women's Forum.