Burt Prelutsky

Recently, I posted a piece at Townhall in which I suggested that Mrs. Obama is not, to put it mildly, my ideal. I stated that so long as the president and the first lady are Democrats, the media can’t stop rhapsodizing about them. So it was that John Kennedy, who had huge jowls, Bill Clinton, who looked like a taller version of W.C. Fields, and Barack Obama, who has Dumbo’s ears, have all been described in terms that would have made Cary Grant blush.

Hillary Clinton, so far as the media was concerned, was nothing less than the most brilliant woman in America. Now we have Mrs. Obama, a rather plain woman, being passed off as a movie queen.

I did go on to admit that the First Lady was not my ideal representative of American womanhood. And, yes, I used the b---h word. Intemperate? Perhaps. But with all the kissing-up she gets from the MSM, I felt someone should use honest language when pointing out that the empress is naked.

In my defense, I did it in context. I reminded you that this woman sat in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years, soaking up his racist rants, and then had him marry her and Barack, as well as baptize their children. Furthermore, she had gotten into an Ivy League school, thanks to Affirmative Action, and then showed her gratitude by writing a racist screed for her college thesis. For good measure, she used that degree to get a $125,000-a-year job in Chicago, which coincidentally jumped to over $300,000 once her husband went to the Illinois state senate. And, finally, after all that, she announced to the world that America is a mean country and that the first time she was proud of this nation was when her husband deigned to run for president.

Suddenly, I was receiving scores of angry and obscene e-mails, mainly from blacks, taking me to task for, one, saying that Michelle Obama is ugly because she’s black, and that I was a bigot because I thought blacks should all be back on the plantation.