Brian and Garrett Fahy

The Great Recession is proceeding apace, but it cannot be seen in the undulations of the Dow Industrial average or the housing index. Rather, the more worrisome and dangerous recession is happening abroad as President Obama withdraws American influence when it is most needed.

In Iraq, the Administration’s precipitous and politically motivated troop withdrawal provides our enemies a convenient timetable for their counterattack, and affords no guarantee that the coalition victory forged there will outlast President Obama’s presidential campaign. As America’s footprint in Baghdad blows away in the desert wind, the Left cheers, along with Iran and Hezbollah.

In Afghanistan, President Obama has similarly telegraphed the date of American withdrawal. America may yet again, as it did in Iraq in 1991, abandon its local allies to inevitable reprisals. Further, America negotiates with, and even considers releasing from Guantanamo Bay, the very terrorists who gave sanctuary to 9/11’s planners. The Left cheers, Mullah Omar smiles. America is about to validate Osama Bin Laden’s claim that when attacked, it retreats like a paper tiger.

In Egypt, after throwing under the bus a longtime ally who, while hardly a darling of democracy, kept the Muslim Brotherhood out of power and kept peace with Israel, President Obama pressed for regime change without planning for a post-Mubarak reality. The Muslim Brotherhood ascends to lead, and freedom is nowhere in sight. In its crosshairs is Israel, more alone than ever, and more exposed to the threat of an emboldened Hamas and nuclear Iran.

On Iran, President Obama threatens crippling economic sanctions, but Russia and China will ensure their demise at the UN. All the while, Iran's scientists feverishly work towards the goal of helping their nation join the nuclear club. Talks, we are told, may yet work. Yet news reports indicate Iran may have a bomb in months. Such talk is cold comfort for Israel, which readies its attack.

The Obama Administration’s hapless dialogue of failure continues in Syria. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said recently America needs Bashar Assad's consent to put our troops in Libya. Eisenhower didn’t ask Hitler’s permission to base troops in North Africa or invade Normandy. Assad smiles at the irony, and his regime continues its murderous rampage with impunity. As with Iran and North Korea, the Left cheers the multilateralism as the blood flows.

Brian and Garrett Fahy

Brian and Garrett Fahy are attorneys from Los Angeles who previously worked in the White House and Senate Republican Conference, respectively. They write on national legal and political affairs. They can be reached at