Brent Bozell

Team Barack Obama knows they are in a heap of re-election trouble when pundits look at his shambles of an economic record. So what to do? Easy. The most shameless of our Obama-loving journalists are painting Obama as an action-movie superhero in the war on terror.

Just open up Newsweek Magazine to an advertisement for a book by its own Daniel Klaidman called "Kill Or Capture." It begins by asking about Obama: "High-minded idealist or calculating killer?" They mean that in a positive way. Then comes this sales language: "How has President Obama waged the war on terror? With one hand tied behind his back -- and the other dealing death sentences to suspected terrorists around the world."

Yes, this is the same Obama who refused to allow the term "war on terror" to be used.

It's surprising the book cover doesn't have a picture of death-dealing Obama in camouflage gear biting a knife in his teeth. This is merely the latest proof that our grizzled "objective" and "investigative" journalists of the old media are nothing of the sort. They are putty in the hands of the Obama squad. Whatever happened to candidate Obama, the hero of the American Civil Liberties Union who protested how the allegedly dictatorial and unconstitutional Bush-Cheney war on terror ruined America's image in the eyes of the world?

Whatever happened to our supposedly idealistic press?

Just two years ago, Klaidman was banging away at the Republicans as the real terrorists in a Newsweek article headlined "Terror Begins at Home: Fearmongering Politicians Are Scoring Cheap Political Points at the Expense of the American People." This was presented as a "news" article.

Klaidman launched the abuse on team Bush: "Americans are historically a tough lot. But the policies and rhetoric of the Bush-Cheney years, which set the tone for the current GOP attacks, are infantilizing: be very afraid, we're told, and let the government take care of you. The tough-guy bluster has led to a permanent state of anxiety -- and a slew of counterproductive policies, from harsh visa restrictions to waterboarding. Our politicians rail about apocalyptic threats while TSA officers pat down toddlers at the airport."

Now, this same Klaidman and his magazine are selling Obama with tough-guy bluster about Obama killing terrorists with one hand behind his back. The schizophrenia is unbelievable.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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