Brent Bozell
The photograph of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer pointing a finger at President Obama on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport brought out the worst in amateur psychoanalysis from our media elite. No one had an audiotape or videotape of what was said but just the finger-pointing image somehow was definitive evidence of profound disrespect.

These same journalists were not only unfazed but also actually downright amused back in 2008, when an Iraqi journalist in Baghdad threw two shoes at President Bush's head. That man, they said, was an "instant hero." Over and over, they replayed the footage, each time laughing just a bit harder.

Ah, but this is Obama, and no pointing of any kind is allowed. Outrage, you hear? Outrage!

It was an outrage contest. NBC anchor Brian Williams seemed the most offended. "Who have you ever seen talking to the president like this? ... The governor of Arizona with her finger in the face of the president of the United States! You don't see that often -- or maybe ever." The story that followed included angry MSNBC host Martin Bashir: "I think this is unprecedented! ... I don't know of any other instance when someone has been this disrespectful to the president."

Worst ever? Unprecedented? Williams clearly doesn't feel the need to do any research before making historical claims. He not only left out the Iraqi shoe-tosser in his historical ignorance. He left out ... himself.

In 2006, Williams conducted a very hostile interview with President Bush. One could isolate a screen image of Williams pointing an accusatory finger at Bush. Believe it or not, after slapping Bush around about whether he was too "patrician" to understand his mishandling of the response to Hurricane Katrina, Williams was pestering (or mocking) Bush for reading the French philosopher Albert Camus.

Williams clearly couldn't believe Bush had the brainpower to tackle it and pointed his finger as he challenged Bush to explain how he was misunderstood. He then threw at him "Still not watching television, huh?" "I watched a good baseball game," Bush snapped back.

Disrespect was the name of Williams' game.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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