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ABC generously offered the Democrats a gift that the Republicans were not given in this electoral cycle -- a two-hour debate, in primetime, on a weeknight. Not only that, it was hosted by former Democratic aide George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson. Left-wing bloggers promptly greeted this gift by smacking ABC in the mouth. Like an abused spouse, ABC responded by repeating all the leftist complaints on its airwaves and supinely saluting the impressive dexterity of the Obama campaign.

Question: What did ABC do wrong? Answer: For once it veered from liberal orthodoxy.

Question: Why did ABC feel the need to atone? Answer: Because it veered from liberal orthodoxy.

The Politico newspaper recently acknowledged the obvious point that the nation's political press is deeply intoxicated at the thought of President Obama, and sometimes needs "detox" after being on the trail with him. But they also noted that the press in this political cycle is more sensitive to the New Media -- the hard-left bloggers from the Huffington Post to Keith Olbermann, who often comes across as either the script reader for Media Matters or the anchor of Daily Kos TV.

These forces once again are proving that the media don't mind being seen as unfair to their reactionary enemies, but are sickened at the thought of being unfair to their progressive friends.

The left has watched conservatives make a national issue of the media's liberal bias, and they see the surveys that show overwhelming national sympathy for this concern. So they decided to get organized and started complaining about how conservative and Republican-enabling the media are -- no matter how ridiculous this argument sounds. Their platform is unequivocal: You can never be enough of a Democratic Party man for the left. You have to prove your loyalty with in-kind contributions in each news cycle.

Seeing the storm of response underlines one obvious fact. Liberals are censorious. They expect the liberal media to dwell only on matters that advance the liberal agenda. Any issue that challenges liberal orthodoxy, or in any way might paint a liberal in a negative light becomes a "phony" issue, and bringing those up is embarrassingly unprofessional. Any hostile question is an egregious naked pyramid of surrender to Republican talking points.

Thus Obama-loving leftists hated the "trivia" and "distractions" that emerged in the debate's first 45 minutes. ABC began by asking the tired question of whether Clinton or Obama would select the other contender as a running mate. They also pressed Hillary on whether she really thinks Obama can win in the fall. But that's not the trivia that offended.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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