Bob Beauprez

It seems that virtually everyone agrees that the upcoming election in November is the most important in our lifetimes. And, while many people do engage in supporting candidates, the vast majority of citizens remain on the sidelines. Barely half of the eligible population bothers to vote even in a presidential election. Only a small fraction of the people ever step up to volunteer to help or write a check.

But, that's not the case with Laura Carno and Steve Bosley; two citizens who are doing their part to make a difference.

Laura is a successful business person who has also long been interested in politics. She has already managed a successful state legislative campaign and mayoral race. In the course of completing a leadership training program recently, Laura pondered the problem of effectively communicating a message amid the noise and confusion of a political campaign season. Instead of just talking about it, Laura grabbed ahold of the challenge.

Laura used her instincts and intuition to craft a script for a radio message that gave voice to younger women voters – an often overlooked crucial segment of the voting population particularly in highly competitive elections. On her website Laura says, "There are two types of Washington politicians: those who misunderstand women, and those who pander to them."

Laura found professional assistance to produce the spot, formed her own non-profit entity – I Am Created Equal - and raised the funds to put the commercial on the air. We think it is fantastic! Click here to listen.

Steve Bosley is well known as a highly successful businessman, founder of the Bolder Boulder, the largest race in the country with over 50,000 participants, and University of Colorado Regent. Steve is one of those rare individuals that is always around when the cause is right and the need is great. He gives meaning to the cliché, "If you want to get a job done, give it to a busy person."

Like many, Steve believes the fate of our nation hangs in the balance in this election. But, rather than just grousing about it, or even contributing and volunteering, he's actively reaching out to all his friends to get them engaged, too. It's kind of a grassroots political "loaves and fishes" multiplication example that recalls the great traditions of America's heritage. Thomas Payne would be proud!

Bob Beauprez

Bob Beauprez is a former Member of Congress and is currently the editor-in-chief of A Line of Sight, an online policy resource. Prior to serving in Congress, Mr. Beauprez was a dairy farmer and community banker. He and his wife Claudia reside in Lafayette, Colorado. You may contact him at: