Austin Hill

Think the “gay marriage” issue is off the table right now?

Think again.

Closing arguments wrapped-up last week over a lawsuit seeking to overturn California’s “Proposition 8,” a ballot initiative passed overwhelmingly in November 2008 amending the state constitution so as to define marriage as an exclusively heterosexual institution. Plaintiff’s Attorneys David Boies –a former legal advisor to the Al Gore for President campaign – and Ted Olson, former White House Attorney to President George W. Bush, have both expressed confidence that the judge will side with them, yet also acknowledge that regardless of the judge’s decision, the case will be appealed.

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Suffice it to say that the issue of “gay marriage” may be back in the headlines again soon. Specifically, the “prop 8” case could be headed to the Supreme Court. This, in turn, will likely cause at least some socially conservative Americans to demand that the Republican Party jump- start its previous “gay marriage ban” efforts.

And this will impact the November 2010 elections.

Just when a majority of the American electorate has finally begun to wake up and realize the tyranny that it is under – a government that has spent future generations of wealth on the selfish, short-term political objectives of the “ruling party;” a President who, after spending a trillion dollars on so-called “stimulus” programs is now pressuring Congress for another $50 billion to “bail-out” states that are bankrupt and facing public employee layoffs; and an Administration whose remedy for an oil spill disaster is to press for tax increases on energy purchases – the nation could be and should be about ready to become “more Republican” this fall. And the best hope for the Republican Party – indeed, the best thing the party can provide the United States right now – is a cohesive, rational explanation for why the Obama economic oppression is dangerous, and an understandable free-market alternative.

Yet, if a large portion of the Republican Party “base” is distracted from the realities of the present-day subjugation, and chooses instead to focus on something that may or may not happen in the courts (an upholding or an overturning of a “marriage law”), the opportunity to stave-off America’s march toward serfdom could be severely hindered, or crippled altogether.

Austin Hill

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