Armstrong Williams
I’ve just finished speaking with many of my colleagues and family members who live and work in the Carolinas, where a few reside in Raleigh. Tobacco Road is hot these days, but not just because of the heat wave. Locals in the Research Triangle specifically, and in North Carolina generally, are hopping mad over the federal indictment of their native son, former Senator John Edwards.

It’s funny, instead of heads shaking over how far Edwards has fallen, I listened to reactions more along the lines of “come-uppance” – Edwards had finally received what he had coming to him.

You see, for years before John Edwards became Senator, he was a well-known trial attorney, netting millions by shaking down businesses and insurance companies. That trial attorney lifestyle allowed Edwards and his family to live comfortably and never have a care in the world.

No one would begrudge their fellow American for making a living, but it was how John Edwards sold himself and his entire public life that causes many Carolinians and Americans to doubt everything about his “everyman” run at the White House.

Here was a person who mocked the “haves” in the name of the “have nots.” He ridiculed ostentatious and excessive living. In short, Edwards heralded himself as the messiah of the masses – ready to renew America and unite the two countries we had become. What poppy-cock.

The irony here is we and the media knew of Edwards’ hypocrisy fairly early on. From the $400 haircuts to the lavish spending, to the now million-dollar hush campaign Edwards set up to conceal the illegitimate child he had fathered with his New Age girlfriend. This makes Schwarzenegger look tame, doesn’t it?

John Edwards wished he was the character he played in front of the cameras for those 22 months running on vice- and presidential tickets. He could only hope to understand the plight of workers struggling to make ends meet. And yet, we now learn that he had absolutely no clue what hardship was, in economic or any other form.

This is the problem I have with liberals today. Sure, John Edwards was just one man, just as Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t speak for all conservatives (even though he wasn’t conservative by any means. A Republican, yes, but no conservative). But Edwards did what liberals from Mondale to Clinton to Kerry to even Obama do – they pretend to know the struggles of everyday Americans, yet continue to send their children to private school and reap the spoils of these voters who think “change” will come.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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