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GWU Students Triggered: Is The Border Wall A 'National Emergency?'

AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

What do America's most "elite" young minds think about President Trump's proposal of declaring a "national emergency" to build a 30-foot high wall along the southern border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from entering the United States? Cabot Phillips, the Media Director at Campus Reform, went to George Washington University (GWU) in Washington D.C., to find out.


Phillips asked students if the current situation of illegal immigrates crossing the border illegally is a "national emergency." 

The students all echoed the same tune, which i'll sum up here: Illegal immigrants should be allowed to come into the U.S. freely and President Trump is wrong.

One student declared that the fight over the border wall is nothing more than a "manufactured crisis" from the president while another added that, “it’s not any worse than it was a few months ago.”

Another stated, “I don’t think they are doing any damage to the U.S. or U.S. citizens.” 

Here's another "scholarly" take, “This is not a crisis. We’ve had mayors… from that area who are saying ‘there’s no crisis here.’”

The student with the multi-colored scarf also has a take you have to see to believe: 


Phillips, then shared an additional video on his Twitter page that shows a student willing to "split" the 5 billion dollars with him:


Earlier this week I reported here at Townhall on another Campus Reform video that highlighted how several students confused Democrats' old views on the border wall for President Trump's more recent statements. 

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