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What Will Dems Label The Border Wall Next? Rep. Brady Has a Few Tongue-In-Cheek Suggestions

In a Fox News interview yesterday, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) explained to Outnumbered host Harris Faulkner that Republicans don't care what Democrats call the wall as long as the project is financed and constructed. The representative then declared that Democrats are more than welcome to call it whatever they wish including a “gender-neutral palisade.”


“I think it’s a mistake to go for a quick, hasty deal when really there’s so much at stake here,” Brady said referencing the ongoing government shutdown over Trump’s proposed "steel slated" wall.

He also explained his personal connection the border wall.

“I am from the Houston region, and we are unfortunately a hotbed for sex trafficking, for drugs, for those gangs from Central America. We pay the price when that border isn’t secure. Everyone knows it. We need more resources," Brady explained.

He believes the problem with calling Trump’s wall a “wall,” is that Democrats don't want President Trump to fulfill his campaign promise of “building the wall.” The Left also sees the wall as a symbol of division and bigotry.

“I know the Democrats are hung up on calling it a wall, but I don’t care if they call it a 'gender-neutral palisade' or 'a linear monument to climate change.' The truth is we need more resources for border security,” Brady said bluntly.


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