CNN Freak Out: Trump Takes Zero Questions, Reporters Lose It

Posted: Jan 03, 2019 5:55 PM
CNN Freak Out: Trump Takes Zero Questions, Reporters Lose It

As reported here on Townhall by my boss Matt, President Trump made a special appearance this evening in the White House briefing room where he congratulated Nancy Pelosi on becoming Speaker of The House while also speaking to his main point of urging Democrats to support and fund the wall. 

Trump yet again stated that without a wall, you couldn't have a secure U.S. and Mexico border. President Trump brought different voices to the table by having former, and current border patrol agents there to speak to why a wall is non-negotiable.

"Without a wall you can not have border security," Trump stated, after statements from border patrol officers. 

"Without a very strong form of barrier, call it what you will, but without a wall you can't have border security it won't work," Trump added. 


The mainstream media and especially the folks over at CNN freaked out over President Trump not only taking the podium, but became furious by the fact he took zero questions from the press. 

CNN White House reporter, Kaitlan Collins, was mainly triggered by President Trump not answering questions. 

She wrote on Twitter, "It’s not a press briefing if you don’t take questions." She was also heard yelling in the background regarding the matter of not answering questions while President Trump and this team was exiting the briefing room.

Brian Stelter, yet again of CNN, also became triggered over President Trump taking no questions after the briefing concluded:

And more outrage from CNN reporters over the briefing came later: 

This afternoon President Trump tweeted this video stressing the importance of building a wall:  

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