A New Democrat Party: 95 Progressive Caucus Members in 116th Congress?

Posted: Dec 27, 2018 6:30 PM
A New Democrat Party: 95 Progressive Caucus Members in 116th Congress?

Democrats are set to take over control of the House of Representatives come January 3, 2018, with progressive colleagues who aren't taking marching orders well while also pushing back on their party leader's priorities. 

Notably, the impact of a subcommittee seat and first-year member of The House is rather small, but loud progressive candidates have made their voices known within their own party ranks. This has appeared to produce only what is the beginning of a long road for a political and policy "confused" party that is un-unified at best. 

Let's remember, most of these members still have wet paint on their D.C. office walls. 

Among the leaders of the far left socialist movement becoming the mainstream Democrat Party, include Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar and Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who are forging ahead with new tactics that are set to disrupt and create disorder for the Democrat Party as we know it today.   

One of the biggest "bully pulpits" the young progressives will inherit are leading roles as unappointed "spokespersons" for the growing and new class of Progressive Caucus members. 

This wave of enthusiasm is creating a big opening for incoming freshmen like Omar, who are usually relegated to less influential committee assignments. It’s also altering the dynamics of Congress, where the roughly 95 members of the new progressive caucus will have the largest voting bloc among House Democrats.

Omar was recently elected to a leadership role in the caucus, a position that will give her more influence, but that is nearly certain to draw more criticism.

“Top Democratic leaders have proactively sought conversations with Ilhan Omar and some other progressive stars to make sure that their views are firmly at the table,” said Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which endorsed Omar. (VIA Star Tribune

Currently, the Progressive Caucus has 78 representatives who are members, which might soon rise to be as high as one hundred members of the Democratic Party. This would have repercussions that could impact and sway a vote for the Speaker of The House.  

This leaves Pelosi only one option, to stand up and fight hard for their far left agenda tickets including a "New Green Deal" and "Medicare for All," which were promises these socialist candidates ran on. 

Will the far left continue to drag the once "Democrat Party" to become the "Socialist Party," I guess that remains to be seen...

Congresswomen-elect Cortez lead the efforts to create a new "Select Committee for a Green New Deal" in exchange for backing Pelosi for Speaker... Pelosi agreeded maybe in the hopes that her office would not be protested? 

Will Pelosi soon be yelling for "Impeachment" of President Trump, as Speaker of The House? Maybe...