Well Worth the Wait by Kate Norley

Posted: Aug 11, 2008 12:37 PM
Just as the Olympic Games are now underway, I too, have jumped through the initial hoops of ‘embedding’ and so far have a perfect score…so put that into the medal column for the U.S! I am proud to report that I have made contact with my new team who have opened the hatches of their Stryker vehicles and welcomed me in.[# More #]

I am honored to shadow these soldiers who have already previewed their professionalism on day 1. In the days ahead I am privileged to a full schedule. Be it patrolling mapped areas of security, meeting with neighboring villagers, or dining with local Iraqi political figures, I am ready to capture every available angle. Tomorrow’s sure to serve up some more feverish heat, but we’ve all made it this far, so it’s just another day closer to finishing the job. Drink Water.

Marching forward,