Julio Rosas Seattle's CHAZ/CHOP Live Q&A - 3pm ET

Posted: Jun 15, 2020 2:00 PM

Hello everyone and welcome to Townhall's Question and Answer Session with Senior Writer Julio Rosas. As many of you know, Julio has been on-ground providing coverage in Minneapolis and the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," also known as the "Capitol Hill Occupy Protest" or "Capitol Hill Organized Protest."

In the time Julio was in Seattle, he saw how the occupiers in the zone weren't being very "autonomous" as evidenced by protesters calling the fire department to put out a dumpster fire that had started near the CHAZ/CHOP.

Less than a day into the formation of the CHAZ/CHOP,  Raz Simone, a local rapper, began to "police" the area with firearms. This led to a tense confrontation with a tagger that resulted in an alleged assault of a streamer who recorded the interaction.

On Saturday, some people carrying American flags were attacked shortly after entering the CHAZ/CHOP. They said they wanted to peacefully have conservations with the people inside the zone. As one woman was talking to some of the protesters, one occupier ran up and stole the American flag she was carrying.

As they were leaving for their safety, the crowd in the zone accused them of being white supremacists and tried to steal the other American flag. 

We know there are many questions about the zone and Julio is here to provide some answers as he was in Seattle at the beginning of the zone's establishment. How clean is the area? Who is providing food? Is the city still providing water and power to the area? All of these questions can be answered, join our live chat with Julio that will occur at 3pm ET below. Use the "Ask" button and Julio will do his best to get to all of the questions you may have. 

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