TRIGGERED: CNN Just Had Their Big Russia Collusion Scoop Go To Absolute Crap

Posted: Aug 28, 2018 3:55 PM

Well, Matt is back from the Left Coast—and what a hellacious week it has been. First and foremost, CNN got plastered in the face again with a rake, being utterly embarrassed in light of Lanny Davis, the lawyer for Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, being outed as the anonymous source that said the president knew about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with some Russians at Trump Tower in 2016. Davis has since backpedaled on everything, making the CNN story total trash and virtually worthless. The network has refused to retract or correct the story, delivering a BS line: we stand by our reporting. It’s wrong, CNN. You’re wrong. You suck—you always will.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) passed away over the weekend after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota had former Bush 41 White House Chief of Staff John Sununu on her program, where the interview was cordial for the first couple of minutes. When Camerota tried to turn it into a Trump-bashing event, instead of an in memorial to McCain, Sununu attacked the network, leading to yet another bout between the two—and it wasn’t the first time:

Google is reportedly suppressing conservative news outlets, as any searches for Trump news dredges up liberal rags on the White House. While this double standard has been known for years, the conviction of Paul Manafort and the Michael Cohen plea deal really show only one thing: if you work for Trump in any capacity, you’re going to get fried. As for Democrats, well, you can lie, cheat, and steal all the way up and down the coast. 

Tiger Woods is receiving the ire of the sports journalism world for taking a neutral stance on playing golf with Trump. When asked how he feels about playing golf with a racist (Trump), Tiger pretty much said you have to respect the office. That did not go over well. Also, there is zero evidence that Trump is a racist—just liberal hyperbole and lectures from the politically correct and insufferably liberal academics that preach white privilege nonsense and are overall garbage human beings. Omarosa appears to be one of the main sources for the Trump is a racist narrative, which makes it all the more worthless.  Even liberals know you can’t trust her. Yet, in a bit of good news for the world of sports, Jemele Hill, who called Trump a white supremacist, is leaving ESPN, which was paying her $2.5 million a year. 

Next week, we’ll have more news, and some sports as the start of the NFL 2018 season is upon us. College football starts this weekend.