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TRIGGERED: Jackson Hole's Toilet Troubles and Make Football Violent Again

Episode 6 of TRIGGERED is here!

In a New Haven, Conn. park, more than 70 people overdosed on synthetic marijuana, and the Centers for Disease Control released staggering statistics detailing the number of people who overdosed on opioids last year. While the Trump administration is doing everything it can to stem the ongoing crisis, the guys address the need for more border security and President Trump's border wall.


Friends of Storm and Matt recently took a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyo. and were shocked to see signs on public restrooms explaining to tourists how to properly use a toilet. Jackson Hole is a popular tourist spot for Chinese tourists, and in some public restrooms in China, using the bathroom works a little bit differently than it does here. Tourists are causing hundreds of dollars in damages, and Jackson Hole is asking people to please sit, don't squat on the toilets.

San Francisco is also back in the news as the city has had to create a poop patrol to deal with its public feces problem. Since January 1, the city has received more than 14,500 calls to report feces. The liberal city is also struggling with used needles being left in public and taking care of the homeless.

The duo ends the episode by talking about the National Football League's newest garbage rule that is penalizing players for clean hits. While the NFL wants to prevent concussions and other brain and spinal injuries, the rule change is insane, as unnecessary roughness penalties are already deciding games. And it's just the preseason. As Minnesota Vikings Safety Andrew Sendejo had on his hat during training camp, "Make Football Violent Again."


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