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Fmr Kevin McCarthy Counsel is Hoover Institution's New DC Director

The Hoover Institution, a public policy research center in California's Stanford University which focuses on the study of economics, politics, history, political economy and international affairs, has just announced Mike Franc as its new Washington, DC programs director. Franc was formerly the policy director and counsel to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. More on Franc's new role.

The Hoover Institution is pleased to announce that Michael Franc, former policy director and counsel to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, will be the new director of Washington, DC, Programs for the Hoover Institution. Franc, who will also serve as a research fellow, will oversee the Hoover’s Washington, DC, research and outreach initiatives to promote ideas and scholarship in our nation’s capital.

The organization Franc is joining dates back to 1919, when Herbert Hoover (before he was president) founded the Hoover Institution as a library. It has since grown into a powerful think tank with vast public policy influence. With its expansion to Washingtion, DC last year, Hoover now has an East Coast location that provides ample opportunities to build relationships in the nation's capital. 

David Davenport, the Hoover Institution research fellow who helped get the DC location up and running, explained why Franc is the ideal man to oversee its office programs.

“This is a pivotal time for the Hoover Institution to play a more prominent role in Washington. Mike’s expertise and Washington insights will be invaluable as we look to develop and disseminate ideas defining a free society."


As for Franc, he seems more than ready for the new challenge.

“Hoover is in a class of its own when it comes to public policy research. I am honored to have this opportunity to serve alongside some of the brightest and most respected minds in America today, and I look forward to playing a role in elevating Hoover’s research and ideals in our nation’s capital,” stated Franc.

Townhall's Conn Carroll commended Hoover on their solid pick.

"Mike is a great choice for Hoover, Carroll said. "No one knows how Washington really works better than him."

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Franc on his new role!

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