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Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced his support of an investigation into last weekend’s controversial Pacquiao – Bradley boxing match, in which the Filipino boxing champion lost in surprising fashion according to just about all enthusiasts and commentators. Sen. Reid represents the state where the fight was held; he used to be an amateur boxer, a boxing referee, sat on the Nevada Athletic Commission, and he has worked on national boxing bill with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). So it makes sense that he would be weighing in on this fight’s commotion… right? Well, two thoughts on that:


1) It has been over 3 YEARS since the Senate Democrats have passed a budget! Doesn’t he have better things to be doing? Just recently Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) offered his thoughts on the delay.

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, told The Daily Caller that Senate Democrats’ obfuscation is to blame.

“This is a deliberate plan that the Democratic majority has executed for three years to avoid the responsibility of laying out a financial plan for America,” he said in an interview.

Sen. Majority Leader Reid can’t find the time or the leadership to create a budget, but he has to offer his two cents on the latest HBO fight. And by the way, The World Boxing Organization, without needing federal assistance, has appointed five judges to review and re-score the fight.

2) Manny Pacquiao endorsed Sen. Reid in 2010, when he was on the electoral ropes. He beat out Sharron Angle by a little less than 6% (under 42,000 votes). So how much credit does Pacquiao’s endorsement deserve, and is Sen. Reid’s ‘Pacquiao got robbed’ stance some form of a political endorsement kick back? Let’s not forget that Manny is actually an elected Representative for the 15th Congress of the Philippines.


According to boxing promoter Bob Arum, the pound-for-pound king has to get a lot of credit for Reid’s win in Nevada.

“Reid's victory was a result of tremendous support from both the Hispanic and Filipino communities… He rolled up with those two groups carried him through so I think Manny has to get a lot of credit in backing Senator Reid,” Arum said.

Might he step out for another campaign friend?

Might he get a budget passed? Stay tuned.

This post was written by Bill Vollono, Townhall Editorial Intern

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