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As circus great P. T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute."  The latest sucker appears to be the #1 clown at NBC News, President Steve Capus, who keeps tripping on his over-sized clown shoes.  Steve keeps falling in the sticky stuff left by the rogue circus elephants at MSNBC who force him to “Lean Forward” so far that he keeps doing face plants in front of millions of TV viewers.   What a clown!  Capus is the clown that hired Chelsea Clinton to work as a journalist because of her "vast experiences."   That got the audience laughing for sure.  


I must say we viewers in the stands enjoy watching the predictive comedy that results whenever the elephant herd (Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Mika Brzezinski, etc) do their circus act for us .   Seems when you let the MSNBC rogue elephants loose without professional handlers or just let them roam unchained from journalistic fairness the result is progressives on air that create comical “news” performances.   Since Mr. Capus refuses to chain the beasts they are often set free to rampage and knock over long established news tent poles set up around the ring.   Even Capus colleagues in journalism are asking the obvious question about Dumbo Al Sharpton, “Trayvon Martin: Should Al Sharpton recuse himself from MSNBC show?”

Send in the clowns……

Witness last week’s tirade by MSNBC’s baby elephant Toure Neblett who attempted to rebel against the larger, wiser, and well tusked Piers Morgan of CNN (CNN has more than a few circus elephants too; just more mature and better trained - but just as flat footed).  Toure was out weighed from the start of that entanglement.  The sad but comical video is here.   Breitbart described it as “Toure Has Epic Race-baiting Meltdown on CNN.”  Funny and epic it was.  A more entertaining circus act is rarely found.  Call in Mr. Capus with the broom and shovel to clean up another MSNBC elephant mess.


Earlier in the week Steve Capus did one of those circus skits that tricks the eye and leaves you saying, “how did they do that.”  You know, like when they cram 27 clowns in a VW Bug car.  NBC News selectively edited (diced and sliced) for its viewers the 911 call from George Zimmerman in a manner that gave the false impression that his call had racial overtones.  The Washington Post’s Eric Wemple wrote a review of the circus trick here.  So Mr. Capus “how did they do that” when your team had knowledge of that contextual falsehood and clearly acted with reckless disregard for the truth?  Can’t blame the elephant’s sticky stuff this time on MSNBC bull elephant President Phil Griffin.   Looks like your own team of clowns at NBC News got you to “Lean Forward” to far again and tripped up your big clown shoes.   What a hoot.   I love to watch the clowns perform!

Steve Capus is sure to continue similar entertainment for us all year from his NBC News 3 ring circus.  That is unless Steve stops leaning so far forward that he keeps tipping over.  It is not likely the show will change as the circus performers and animals all have their act well-polished now and the one ethical and professional ring master they had, Tim Russert, has moved on.  I think we can be assured of a long comedic run from this circus leading up to the November election as NBC President Bob Greenblatt appears to condone these circus acts. 


Cue the elephants.   Get the broom and shovel for Mr. Capus.

This post was written by Gwilym McGrew.

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