Sen. Scott Brown: NOAA Has “Culture of Corruption”

Posted: Feb 21, 2012 10:34 AM

Scott Brown last week called on President Obama to “fire” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) head Jane Lubchenco.

In the video below, Scott Brown speaks of the continuing story of NOAA’s corruption in their Enforcement Division.  Scott Brown asks “What does it take to get fired from NOAA” and outlines some of the outrageous offenses committed by NOAA employees.   

“Here is a list of all the problems I have encountered with NOAA since coming to the Senate: abusive treatment of fishermen, resulting in decimation of the [fishing] fleet; investigations motivated by money; improper fines, leading to foreclosure and bankruptcy [of commercial fisherman]; "shredding parties" destroying 75%-80% of NOAA Office of Law Enforcement documents; lying to Inspector General investigators; discouraging cooperation with the Inspector General; misleading Members of Congress; a $300,000 party boat purchased with fishermen's fines; $12,000 in party boat expenses paid with fishermen's fines; $30,000 engine destroyed by a NOAA employee on weekend vacation while using "undercover" NOAA pleasure craft.”   Scott Brown has also blasted NOAA’s Lubchenco for her failed “Catch Share” scheme that is devastating the commercial fishing fleet of our New England coast.

Here is the video of Scott Brown calling out NOAA:

This post was authored by Gwilym McGrew.