Saturday Night Live Skit to Highlight JFK Relations with Intern

Posted: Feb 06, 2012 9:01 AM


We will see this skit next weekend, yes?   Saturday night live Producer Lorne Michaels won’t just make fun of Republican Newt’s divorces but will joke about the recently revealed 18 month long affair President Kennedy had with 19 year old White House Intern Mimi Alford, right?   I mean it’s just comedy folks,  and politicians personal lives are fair game after all when a good laugh is needed.   And drugs always add to good comedy scenes on Saturday Night Live so maybe they could parody the story about JFK “where he coerced her [the intern] to try the drug poppers.”   Or, yucks about Kennedy’s voyeuristic nature when he requested then watched the intern perform oral sex on an aide in the White House.  Here’s your punch line Lorne, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.”  Yep, comedy for the entire family.    

But the BEST jokes could come when Michael’s has an actress that portrays Nancy Pelosi state that JFK was not fit for the office of President.  She could repeat that line Pelosi used when speaking to CNN’s John King about secrets she could reveal about Newt’s personal life. . .  “There’s Something I Know” that would prevent him from being President, she could say . . .  Wink, wink!  Maybe parody a phone message from Kennedy to Ms Alford, and show the phone message being intercepted by Piers Morgan.  Now that’s funny!

What a golden opportunity to make fun of political figures.  Given Lorne Michaels parody’s of Palin, President Ford, etc., this will fit right in.

We will see this on Saturday Mr. Michaels, won’t we?

This post was written by Gwilym McGrew.