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If Newt’s Divorce is Fair Game, So is Obama’s Cocaine Use


CNN’s John King was correct to bring up Newt Gingrich’s divorce and his ex-wife’s comments about “open marriage.”  Discussions of the candidates personal life are fair game to allow the public to fully understand the character of those that want to run in this next Presidential election.


But Barack Obama’s prior Cocaine use MUST also be viewed as fair game for press inquiries, and the press should begin probing now.  The public has not had this character flaw fully vetted due to the “Main Stream Media” fawning over Obama in the last election cycle.  It is now time to have the press ask the following questions of Barack Obama so voters can fully understand this candidates background and character.

-       When was the last time Obama used cocaine and over what span of time did he use this illegal drug?

-       How often did he use it.

-       Did he purchase it or sell it and thereby commit a felony?

-       What other illegal substances has he used, when, and for what span of time?  When was the last time?

It is time reporters such as NBC News Brian Williams, CBS News Scott Pelley, ABC News Jake Tapper, Fox News Bill O’Reilly, MSNBC Chuck Todd, and newspapers like the LA Times, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal ask these and other questions not yet fully probed.  In the last election cycle team Obama pushed back and said such questions were racist and the press retreated.  But now we can see the race card has been played so many times that the only thing left in the deck are Jokers.  Time will tell if these and other “reporters” are the joke again this time around.


Editor's Note: This post was authored by Gwilym McGrew

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