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Ann Coulter: Mob Mentality Is Ruining America

Ann Coulter takes on the liberal mob in her newest book, DEMONIC. Reserve your FREE copy today by subscribing to Townhall Magazine, the leader in conservative news, views and analysis.


In DEMONIC, conservative firebrand and consistent thorn in the side of the Left Ann Coulter portrays liberalism in America as typical of mob behavior. This includes such groupthink earmarks as the creation of messiahs; a fear of scientific innovation; myth-making; a preference for images over words; and a casual embrace of contradictory ideas.

Tracing the words and movements of liberal mobs, from the Ku Klux Klan and the SDS to anti-war and pro-ObamaCare fanatics today, Coulter demonstrates how liberals have consistently used mob tactics to implement their idea of the "general will."

Coulter writes, "Just as fire seeks oxygen, Democrats seek power, which is why they will always be found championing the mob whether the mob consists of Democrats lynching blacks or Democrats slandering the critics of ObamaCare as racists."

Other issues Coulter tackles in DEMONIC:
*The Left's demonization of its enemies and idolization of its leaders

*Innumerable left-wing conspiracy theories

*The Democratic Party's coddling of violent mobs

*False history of civil rights given by the media

*The gruesome annihilation of the French revolution as opposed to the American Revolution

*The truth about the original Tea Party; ObamaCare and other liberal ideas

*Liberals' ferocious lies about the bestial rape of the Central Park jogger

*The New York Times' promotion of violent mob uprisings from Castro to Khomeini

*The desperate need for approval of the typical liberal.
Describing liberal mobs over centuries
Coulter writes, "The details of totalitarian regimes may vary, but the inspiration is always the same Rousseauan fantasy: A select group of elites with absolutely no grasp of human nature will figure out the program, inflexibly impose it on the people and thereby regenerate mankind.  You will note the similarities in all these totalitarian plans to many of the Democrats' schemes."

Exploding the liberal myth that conservatives are especially violent, Coulter says, "The liberal rule is: Any criminal act involving white men and guns is a 'right-wing' conspiracy, whereas any criminal enterprise involving non-whites and guns is the government violating someone's civil liberties. (If a black man ever killed an abortionist, liberal brains would shut down.)"

Sean Desmond, executive editor of Crown Forum, said: "DEMONIC is Ann Coulter's most forceful and shocking book to date. Her bold and fearless assault on the prevailing liberal orthodoxy will be sure to ignite a lively national discussion."

Ann Coulter is the author of seven books, all of which have appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list. It's virtually guaranteed that Coulter's eighth book will also make this powerful list.

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