SCOTUS to Hold Special Session, Decisions Expected in Major Cases

Posted: Jan 21, 2010 10:16 AM
Guest post from Ken Klukowski

At the conclusion at oral arguments yesterday, the Supreme Court announced that it will be sitting for a special session tomorrow, Thursday, January 21.

The Court publishes a calendar each year, laying out what days it will be hearing arguments, what days it will be sitting without hearing arguments, and what days the justices hold their private conferences. Although a day or two can added at the end of the Court’s term each year (which ends in June), it’s rare for the Court to change their calendar midterm to add extra sessions.

But it’s happening today, and with only a single day’s notice. This likely means that major cases are coming down tomorrow, perhaps including the landmark First Amendment case over campaign finance, Citizens United v. FEC.

A report will be filed after the Court reveals what it has in store.

Ken Klukowski is a fellow and senior legal analyst with the American Civil Rights Union.

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