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Protecting You from Paying for Abortions

Guest blog post by Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas).

Last week I introduced the “Taxpayer Conscience Protection Act of 2009." This bill calls for a greater accounting of federal funds spent at the state level on organizations that perform, promote, and refer for abortion services.  For four months, the partnership between this Administration and the Democrat-led Congress, has spent money at an alarming rate.  This in and of itself is greatly troubling, but spending money on organizations and practices that offend millions of Americans takes truly adds insult to injury.

For those Americans who adamantly oppose abortion, the notion of their money funding such activities is offensive. But too often these organizations are able to hide the amount of federal tax dollars they receive behind inadequate reporting requirements.  Even those who support funding these organizations should agree that taxpayers should be able to easily see how their money is being used.  In an attempt at great transparency, this legislation would require each individual state to report the amount of money the state received from the federal government that was paid to an abortion provider.  That report would need to be filed to the Secretary of Health and Human Services at the end of every fiscal year. 
It has been heralded that we are in an era of greater accountability and transparency, this legislation is a step toward making it so.

Rep. Pete Olson represents Texas' 22nd congressional district.

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