Sowing the Seeds of Liberalism

Posted: Oct 14, 2008 10:37 AM
As you may have seen over the last couple of weeks, CCM Chairman Ken Blackwell has been all over Fox News attacking ACORN for their voter fraud practices in key swing states.  Taking on ACORN is a major battle, and I appreciate all the groups out there who are hammering away.   The bad news it, there are plenty of other fights to pick with these groups, some of which seemingly take their fundraising cues from the Question Mark Guy.  [# More #] Take a look at PIRG (Ralph Nader's group) and the Legal Services Corporation (Hillary' Clinton's group) -  two Leftist organizations that rely on government handouts and "dues" to fight their battles against conservative, American values.

Now when I was elected to Congress, there was nothing I wanted to do more than eliminate these types of socialist programs, not to mention the larger ones, like the Department of Education.  What we conservatives learned the hard way is that organizations like this were just powerful enough to frighten moderate Republicans into leaving them alone, and not allowing us with enough votes to zero them out.  We were able to slow them down a bit, but now conservatives have the opportunity to use ACORN's media attention to make an example of liberal excess and efforts to undermine conservative principles, the free market, and individual liberty. 

This is one of many reasons we have to build a real conservative movement, not just a loose coalition of single issue groups. We will never be able to compete with the huge and powerful Leftist movement until we are aware of what exactly it is they are doing.  We started with CCM, which gives us a real grassroots organization that builds a political movement, not just a cause. But we need more.  Conservatives have no communications/research group that rivals what the Left has in the Media Fund, CREW, and Media Matters, etc. We need what I call an "Action Tank" that will take the policy and research of the Right and put it, and our elected officials, to work.  When we come together and share the resources of new organizations with the many single issue groups that have dominated the conservative political scene, we will once again become an organized force that will compete with, and clobber, the Left. Until then, we will be forced to continue our current operations within the movement: complain, whine, and lose.