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Two Years Ago Today...

Today is the second anniversary of my resignation announcement, and I want to put something to rest.  In nearly every newspaper article I read mentioning my decision to leave Congress, never once do they get it right.  More often than not, the article states that I was either forced or driven out of office under a cloud of scandal.  Let me make one thing clear – there was no force in it, and no real pressure to leave other than the pressure I personally felt dragging my family and the 22nd District through a very divisive and costly race.   The decision was all my own and on my terms, and I do not regret it.   I would also like to point you to my interview with Mike Allen, who at the time was reporting for Time magazine, and my video resignation announcement, which I completed in the first take, in the dead of the night, with a lump in my throat.


Since leaving office, my life has changed drastically.  First, I lost weight, which was a nice way to transition.  I wrote a book, which I think only those who really love me or really hate me read, and I started organizing conservative activists in an effort to revitalize the movement I have been working with for 20 plus years.  I’ve been raising money to help conservatives combat the growing number of liberal groups and union-backed political activities.  I quickly started to blog at www.tomdelay.com, and then after taking a break to get CCM up and running, I transitioned over to Townhall where I feel very at home with my thoughts and opinions.  It's been a very busy and interesting time , and I hope you all will join me as we continue to fight in this new arena.

Keep the Faith,

Tom DeLay

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