Elizabeth Warren Sells 'Billionaire Tears' Mug on Platform Created by Billionaire

Posted: Nov 14, 2019 11:10 AM
Elizabeth Warren Sells 'Billionaire Tears' Mug on Platform Created by Billionaire

Source: AP Photo/John Minchillo

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's entire campaign is run on the premise that she thinks her progressive base is dumb as bricks. Her "plans" are mathematically and physically impossible. She claims to be a woman of color, then says she is not one, then says it s racist to call her Pocahontas. She is a walking contradiction. Her latest gimmick is no different. Her campaign is selling coffee mugs with the slogan "Billionaire Tears" on it. Bragging that the rich hates her, she hopes that her base will buy the $25.00 mugs to show their disdain as well for the ultra-wealthy. Well, the only problem with this is the mugs themselves benefit, who else, but a billionaire. 

"Team Warren" tweeted the following photo: 

"In November 2019, billionaire and former Goldman Sachs executive Leon Cooperman (who as recently as 2017 settled with the SEC on insider-trading charges) was brought to tears on live television while discussing the prospect that a President Elizabeth Warren might require him to pay his fair share in taxes," the website reads. 

"Savor a warm, slightly salty beverage of your choice in this union-made mug as you contemplate all the good a wealth tax could do: universal childcare, student debt cancellation, universal free college, and more," it continues. 

As many pointed out, the mug seems to be a knock-off of the Daily Wire's "Leftist Tears" coffee tumbler. Perhaps that's why the website was so quick to point out that sales of Warren's mug will benefit a billionaire. 

"This is perfect. Every mug you buy goes to helping *at least* one billionaire continue to be a billionaire.  Perhaps they’re tears of joy?" the Daily Wire tweeted.

Indeed, the mug is sold on Shopify. Shopify was created by Tobi Lutke. Lutke is now worth $2.3 billion thanks to capitalism. 

Again, she hopes her base is too dumb to notice detail. Based on Twitter reaction, she isn't wrong. $25.00 for a coffee mug is asinine, but then again so is supporting Warren.