Inspirational: This Vegetarian Fell in Love With Hamburgers Again and Became a Butcher

Posted: Oct 30, 2019 10:10 AM

Wow. It is easy to feel bogged down by the endless news cycle of global terror and the left's 24/7 assault on our nation's values, but every now and then a story comes along that warms your heart. Meet Tammi Jonas, America. She is the former-vegetarian-turned butcher from Australia. Her story is one you will not want to miss. 

Jonas had been a vegetarian since she was 19. But, during one of her pregnancies, she had a hankering for a hamburger. Only the real stuff would solve this desire. So, she went ahead and had herself a juicy hamburger. She has never looked back.

"I went back to red meat, so beef and lamb, once a week throughout the pregnancy, and it was some years longer before I had any pork or poultry," Jones told media. 

The New York Post reports that Jonas, now age 49, has been running her own beef farm for eight years. For Jones, the problem isn't eating meat, but the treatment of animals at massive "factory farms."

"I never thought it was immoral to take an animal’s life for food," she said. "I’ve always been comfortable with my place in the food chain, but I thought it was immoral to treat [animals] cruelly, to not allow them to go outside and breathe fresh air and to be confined in crowds in sheds." 

Jonas also says that her local farm is much better for the environment than vegetarian lifestyles. She isn't against vegetarians, per se, but she does feel that farms like hers are the best to "help reverse, or at least mitigate climate change." 

Treason… There, Somebody Said It.
Kevin McCullough

"Hats off to you if you don’t want to participate in any livestock production, but try not to have too hard a go at those of us who are trying to restore landscapes with livestock," she said according to the NYP.  "And [my farm is] doing a much better job of it than your vegan impossible burger," she added for good measure. 

Congrats, Tammi. You are living your best life. Fire up the barby. I will be there by the weekend. And for those leftists fretting that meat eaters are going to cause the destruction of mankind -- "Don't worry about the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."