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Congressman Tells Trump Some Great Advice After The President Was Booed At The World Series

By now, you have probably seen the footage of President Donald J. Trump getting booed by the denizens of D.C. at game five of the World Series. The Nationals were tied in the series against the Houston Astros, but rather than reserve their energy for the game itself, it seems like most of the fans at the game spent their manpower booing the commander-in-chief on the day that he announced America had killed one of our top enemies. Considering that D.C. has the highest concentration of literal psychopaths in the nation, and that the district voted 94 percent for Hillary Clinton in 2016, the crowd's reaction to President Trump wasn't really much of a surprise. In fact, another conservative official told the President on Monday that he should welcome it as a badge of honor. 


Rep. Jody Hice, from Georgia's 10th district, tweeted on Monday that when he first came to D.C., he was told "You can either be loved in DC, and hated in America. Or you can be loved in America, and hated in DC. You can't have both."

"Keep up the great work, @realDonaldTrump. The real America has your back & loves you!" Rep. Hice added. 

Indeed, the Beltway's reaction to the booing shows how out of touch those who live in D.C. really are. Coupled by the fact that Nationals fans left the World Series early, which they paid upwards of thousands of dollars for, it is unlikely that the rest of America found the booing to be a positive thing. Most of America can't stand Nats fans for their poor sports fandom, and most of America can't stand D.C's politics for being out of touch elites.


Plus, as Don Trump Jr. said, "I’ll take boos from the leftist DC fan base and cheers from the great men and women of the United States Armed Forces any day of the week!" 

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