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Man Accused Of Threatening To Shoot ICE Agents Had Been Deported Five Times

Courtesy of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcemen

A Mexican national who has been deported from the United States on five previous occasions was arrested on Tuesday after authorities received anonymous tips that the suspect had re-entered the country and was threatening to attack Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Houston, Texas. 


In a press release issued Tuesday authorities stated that Cesar Diaz-Rodriguez, a 30-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested in Houston. He was  "previously removed from the U.S. on Oct. 31, 2017, following a felony criminal conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm. Additionally, Diaz-Rodriguez has been voluntarily returned to Mexico three other times; twice in September 2004 and once in October 2011," the release says. 

"This individual brazenly ignored U.S. immigration law, while simultaneously threatening the lives of the brave men and women sworn to uphold it," Patrick Contreras, field office director for ICE Houston, told media.  

"By working together with our partners from ERO Boise, we have removed this dangerous criminal alien from the community before he could act on those cowardly threats," he added. 

Shooting threats are not the only problems facing ICE. In Michigan a man was recently arrested for de-facing an ICE office with the words "F**k ICE" spray painted across the building. 


"Today’s arrest should send a strong message that acts of profane vandalism of federal property will not go unchallenged," ICE OPR Special Agent in Charge Keith Barwick said at the time. "These appalling attempts to intimidate and disrespect the federal workforce serve no purpose and only further heighten our commitment to uphold the law."

Diaz-Rodriguez remains in federal custody and is facing charges of illegal re-entry. The arrest comes less than a week after another previously deported illegal alien was convicted for illegal re-entry two years after being convicted for manslaughter while drunk driving in nearby Beaumont, Texas. 


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