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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Leave it to Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney to completely whiff on a political issue by sanctimoniously carrying his "Better than Thou" attitude against Donald Trump while not actually taking a stand on a subject. On Wednesday, despite the transcript showing this whole Ukrainian issue is a nothing-burger, the former governor of Massachusetts told the press that the transcript was concerning, but stopped short of advising Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to pursue formal impeachment hearings.


Jonathan Martin of the New York Times asked the senator if it was "appropriate for the House to begin this inquiry on impeachment?" 

"That’s not advice I’m going to be providing to the House Speaker, she is able to do what she believes is right...clearly what we’ve seen from the transcript itself is deeply troubling."

Townhall has been reporting all morning that based on evidence so far, President Trump did nothing illegal nor impeachable. But, Sen. Romney does not see it that way. 

Sen. Romney is by far the most prominent Republican in either the House or the Senate to voice his disagreement with the president on this issue. Romney could be credited for sticking to his principles, but the man has changed his historically changed principles whenever politically convenient, so it is always tough to tell what he actually believes. Sen. Romney has never liked President Donald J. Trump either, except when he thought he would help with campaign fundraising. In many ways, Sen. Romney is the anti-Trump. What I mean by that is, while Trump may be a morally questionable guy in his personal life, his political moves so far have been by and large beneficial for the country. Romney, while an upstanding gentleman in his personal life, has done nothing but make decisions which harm the American public. What a shame.


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