VOTER FRAUD: Michigan City Clerk Charged With Altering Hundreds Of 2018 Midterm Ballots

Posted: Sep 24, 2019 4:15 PM

National Review's Jack Crowe reports that a Michigan city clerk, honored with a prestigious award by the state Democratic Party just this year, has been charged with six felony counts after being accused of altering 193 ballots during the 2018 midterm elections. 

Sherikia Hawkins, a registered Democrat who earns more than $100,000 on the taxpayer's dime, "was arraigned Monday in Southfield on charges including falsifying returns or records, forgery of a public record, misconduct in office, and multiple counts of using a computer to commit a crime," reports Crowe.

Her arrest came after the Oakland County Clerk’s Office noticed that the ballots had "been changed to reflect that the voters failed to include a valid signature or return date, when all of the implicated voters had in fact included both items." The original ballots were later discovered in the trash. 

Hawkins has clerked for 16 elections, including a tightly contested Congressional race in 2010 as a deputy clerk. Gary Peters, a Democrat, ended up winning that election by a mere 6,504 votes out of 245,055.

Crowe reports that a state branch of American Rising is demanding a thorough inquiry into how many elections Hawkins may have impacted if the allegations are true. 

"The charges against Ms. Hawkins are extremely troubling and must be fully investigated. The integrity of our elections is essential to the protection of our constitutional rights and individual liberty. Michigan Rising Action is calling for a full audit of every election that Ms. Hawkins oversaw in her capacity as an elections official,” Tori Sachs told National Review. 

As Regnery's Eric Eggers will tell you, this sort of election meddling is just one of many tricks the left will use to steal the next election. If you are interested in reading more about voter fraud in the United States, purchase Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election.