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Rep. Massie: Let's Give Beto Points For Being Honest

AP Photo/Bryan Woolston

Cortney has covered the reaction from most Democrats in response to former Congressman, failed Senate contender, and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Robert Francis O'Rourke's plan for massive gun confiscation. It seems they all want him to shut up and never again say "hell yes" when asked if he wants to take everybody's AR-15s. He has not exactly explained how he expects this to happen, just that it is a moral imperative to willingly give our weapons of self-defense over to a government that simultaneously has a history of white supremacy (according to Beto). I'm not sure the logic there, but perhaps Beto deserves praise for being so direct with his message. At least, Second Amendment Caucus chair and Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie seems to think Beto merits some recognition. Massie told the great Nate Madden of BlazeTV that at least Beto is being transparent with his words. 


"Let's give Beto points for being honest," Rep. Massie told Madden on Thursday. "That's what everybody in [Congress] that is proposing 'common sense gun control' really wants. They want to take your guns!"

Massie also gave folks who advocate "gun control" some helpful advice on September 15. 

"The fundamental problem with every gun control proposal is they all assume criminals will follow the law. We know criminals, especially those willing to die in the commission of a crime, do not follow the law. Meanwhile, law abiding citizens are left defenseless," the congressman tweeted. 


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