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Illegal Immigrant Threatens Dog At Knifepoint In New Hampshire

A man illegally in the United States has been arrested after allegedly threatening to stab and kill a dog and the dog's owner Wednesday night. The alleged crime took place in Merrimack, New Hampshire. 


According to CBS Boston, Sarbelio Lorenzo-Zacarias of Springfield, Mass. was "charged with felony level criminal threatening with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor animal cruelty." 

According to the unnamed victim, Lorenzo-Zacarias was a house guest who picked up his dog and held a knife to its neck. He said he was going to stab the animal, and motioned that he would harm another house guest as well. The dog was a "a Maltese mix named Niko." Police were called and the suspect fled the scene. 

Merrimack authorities later discovered Lorenzo-Zacarias hiding in a nearby bush. Police notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who confirmed the suspect was an illegal immigrant. 

"During the booking process, officers found that Lorenzo-Zacarias may be in the country illegally," police said. "An Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent responded and confirmed that he is not here legally."

Lorenzo-Zacarias was not given any bail. ICE placed a detainer request on the illegal immigrant. Police confirmed that he was drunk upon arrest. He is being held in a local jail until arraignment. 


2020 Democratic presidential frontunner Joe Biden recently praised illegal immigrants in the Granite State, saying that, "One of the things that in fact is a myth is that, quote, ‘those people here undocumented cost millions of dollars in social security." 

"They extend the life of social security because more people are out there working and then paying into social security," he added. "They are, in fact, part of the reason why we’re in a better position than any country in the world to own the 21st century because we have replacement workers.'" 

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