Protester Outside Mitch McConnell's Home Says 'Stab The Motherf*cker In The Heart'

Posted: Aug 06, 2019 10:25 AM
Protester Outside Mitch McConnell's Home Says 'Stab The Motherf*cker In The Heart'

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Just days after leftists mocked Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul's injuries sustained from a brutal attack in 2017, progressives have now turned their callousness towards Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The GOP leader recently suffered a shoulder injury from a nasty fall at his Kentucky home. In one video posted on Facebook, a protester outside McConnell's home where he is trying to recover gleefully remarks that somebody should "stab the motherf*cker in the heart, please." 

"You wanna make it down there a little bit further?" a woman says offscreen. 

"I don't wanna get shot though," somebody else says with a chuckle. 

"I don't either. But, I'm thinking we could. I wish a motherf*cker would tackle me though," a second woman says. 

"I am not trying to break my shoulder like Mitch! I wonder how that whole thing.." the first woman declares.

"His tongue or somesh*t? This b*tch got beat up by his neighbor..." the second women says. 

A man then says, "Hopefully there's some motherf*cker out there with some voodoo dolls in these b*tches."

The first woman then says, "Yeah, you know somebody is. That's probably what it is. Just stab the motherf*cker in the heart, please." 

On social media, it seems comments like the anonymous women in the video are well tolerated. As Robby Starbuck pointed out, news of Sen. McConnell's injury was met by hundreds of jokes, anger, and hate.

Even former United States Senator Barbara Boxer took his injury as a chance to score a cheap political attack. 

For all the left's bluster about hate speech and violence, they sure are silent in the face of the verbal attacks on Republicans.