Mass Shooting Averted After Grandma Intervenes

Posted: Aug 05, 2019 4:30 PM

Law enforcement always says, "If you see something, say something," but so often with mass murderers, it always seems that nobody said anything despite the warning signs being there. One Texas grandmother, however, is being hailed by authorities as a hero after she convinced her grandson to seek mental help and turn himself in to police after he made threats that he was going to shoot up a nearby hotel and then commit suicide.

Federal authorities arrested William P. Williams of Lubbock, Texas last Thursday after authorities searched his hotel room where he had planned to kill countless innocents. According to, "Officers found an AK-47 rifle, seventeen magazines loaded with ammunition, multiple knives, a black trench coat, black tactical pants, a black t-shirt that read 'Let ‘Em Come,' and black tactical gloves with the fingers cut off." 

The feds confiscated the weapon and placed Williams in custody, but were only made aware of the threat after his grandmother encouraged him to allow her to bring him to a local hospital for psych treatment following his comments that he intended on attacking the hotel.

“This was a tragedy averted,” U.S. Attorney Nealy Cox told media. “I want to praise the defendant’s grandmother, who saved lives by interrupting this plot, as well as the Lubbock police officers and federal agents who investigated his unlawful acquisition of a deadly weapon. If you suspect a friend or loved one is planning violence against themselves or others, do not hesitate to seek help immediately by calling law enforcement.”

The FBI also said that the case was a perfect example of how local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies can cooperate.

"The FBI worked closely with our partners at the ATF and Lubbock Police Department to prevent the defendant from potentially committing a violent act," Matthew DeSarno, Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas Field Office said in a press release. "This case is a perfect example of law enforcement agencies coming together to find a solution that protected the public from harm."

The report of Williams' arrest comes shortly after two horrendous shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio left dozens dead.