Don Lemon Looked Like A Jackwagon Trying To Get This Black Pastor To Call Trump 'Racist'

Posted: Aug 02, 2019 3:30 PM
Don Lemon Looked Like A Jackwagon Trying To Get This Black Pastor To Call Trump 'Racist'

Source: Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP

Everybody knows that CNN is anti-Trump. For some reason, the network refuses to admit this and insists that they are a fair, moderate news source that has no agenda. They do not fool anybody at all with their claims, but based on this recent Don Lemon interview it seems they really have given up on trying to hide their disdain as well.

On Monday, Lemon had Bill Owens, president of the coalition of African-American pastors, on his show to discuss his meeting with President Donald J. Trump. Owens met with President Trump and a group of other innercity leaders on Monday, which just so happened to follow the president's litany of tweets against Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Lemon tried very hard to get Owens to speak poorly of the president, but the pastor refused. 

"So the president tweeted today he was looking forward to his meeting with wonderful inner-city pastors. Any concern for you that the president used this meeting with black leaders to insulate himself from the criticism?" Lemon asked.

"I don't think so," Rev. Owens replied. "I don't think that at all because I have been to the White House four times in five months. There was nothing about insulating from anything. He wanted to hear from us, what our concerns were and what he could do to help us."

Lemon continued throughout the interview, asking Owens, "So I know it's hard for you, you think it's hard to believe that Trump is racist. But he's repeatedly used racially charged language. He consistently attacks black and brown elected leaders. So, why is that hard to believe? Pastor?"

Owens responded, "I find President Trump leader of all colors. He attacks who he will. He's his own man. I can't dictate what he should or shouldn't do. But he does not just attack black people. He attacks anybody. And you know it."

Lemon then accused Owens of "condoning the attacks."  

The pastor responded, "I'm just stating a statement of fact. I'm not condoning anything. I'm stating a statement of fact. President Trump does not pick the people he attacks because of color. He attacks anybody he feels needed."

The video is really a must watch and can be seen here:

Remember, Lemon bills himself a journalist. He does not identify as an opinion host. Yet, he could not help but assert his bias into this interview. Many on Twitter called the interview "disgusting," "gross," and more. 

Plain and simple, Don Lemon looked like a jackwagon. 

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