Leftist Groups Put Up 'Abortion Is Freedom' Billboards In Texas Town

Posted: Jul 29, 2019 11:05 AM

The latest evidence that the pro-choice, pro-abortion crowd is becoming even more extreme in their crusade against the sanctity of life comes from Texas. In late July a coalition of leftist groups including the radical National Abortion Rights Action League Pro-Choice America, paid for two billboards to be placed in Waskom, Texas. Much of the money behind the billboards came from 300 miles away in Austin, but the signs were posted in response to Waskom's recent ban on abortion clinics in Waskom's city limits. 

As Townhall previously reported, Waskom recently declared itself a "sanctuary city" for the unborn." This resulted in an outcry from mostly out of town activists. Many of these critics failed to even discuss the topic with Waskom officials or residents before responding.

NARAL told the Independent.UK that they did not contact anybody in Waskom about the billboards until after the group paid for them to be put up. 

Delma Catalina Limones, the communications manager for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, which helped pay for the billboards, said they had no contact with anyone in Waskom until the billboards were erected. “People reached out to thank us for them,” she said.

But, Waskom resident Jayna Lay said the billboards are in poor taste.

"I think they did it to take a dig at Waskom," she told media.  "They send the wrong message in my opinion. ‘Abortion is freedom’, that’s a messed up phrase. That’s pretty much saying, ‘Kill your children and you’re free’. That’s crazy to me."

Likewise, while town officials may not support the billboards themselves, they do say that NARAL had the right to erect the billboards. 

"I want to make clear that we passed that ordinance to keep abortion clinics out of Waskom," Mayor Jesse Moore said. "I don’t like what they [the billboards] say, but they have got that right."

Mayor Moore also emphasized that while public discussions were being held about whether or not the abortion clinic ban should be in place, not one single member of the community argued against the idea.

One Waskom resident named Erin Grable echoed Moore's comments and defended the board's decision saying,  "The thing they don’t want to tell you is that 90 percent of the people at that meeting were female."

"They want to say we are letting men make our decisions," the local waitress added. "I think that’s ridiculous. We are strong women in Texas; we know what we think and believe all by ourselves, and we will tell you."

The "sanctuary city" measure was done as a preventative measure to bar abortion clinics from opening in the town.

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