Chicago Adults Encourage Children To Hit Piñata Resembling An ICE Agent

Posted: Jul 24, 2019 3:10 PM

For all the bluster the left and the legacy media spews about President Donald J. Trump promoting violence and setting a bad example for the youth of America, they sure do seem to be silent anytime an incident like this one pops up on the internet. It would appear that children in Chicago were recently encouraged by adults to whack a piñata shaped to resemble an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer. 

The scene occurred at what was supposed to be a community event in the East Side neighborhood. A Chamber of Commerce organized by dozens of local businesses. 

Anthony Martinez, of the Chicago Los Brown Berets which provided the piñata, insists that it "was not meant in a negative way at all towards law enforcement." Los Brown Berets is a national organization that advocates for "Chicanos." Martinez says the group purchased a batman piñata and transformed it into an ICE agent. 

He said the piñata was supposed to make a "statement" that "taking children from their parents" is inherently wrong. 

“Some parents were holding their kids to hit the piñata,” Anthony Martinez of Los Brown Berets told local media. 

Event organizers said they were unaware the event was going to occur at the block party. The incident occurred just days after ICE conducted nationwide raids targeting illegal aliens with final removal orders.